Banana and Paleo Chocolate cake

This Paleo Banana and Chocolate cake is so tasty that it doesn't look healthy! It's made with pure cocoa and has a slight banana flavor, a perfect match. A slice to snack and, in addition to gaining energy, will be very satiated.


I can't explain why, but lately I only think about chocolate recipes. I spent weeks without eating chocolate, now it's almost routine… but healthy, of course:)

A couple days ago, a friend of mine was years ago, and I promised I'd take a cupcake from mine for everyone at work. I don't remember how I decided to make this banana cake, but the truth is, you did the most successful! Even I, who am very critical of my recipes, was completely relieved. So much that I even repeated the dose next weekend when my parents came to visit me. It's those cakes that know so well to afternoon snack with tea or coffee… And with the cold of the last few days, just like these things to comfort!

Banana and Paleo Chocolate cake

For those who don't like bananas, I don't advise… Despite the intense flavor of cocoa, there is the taste of banana, a perfect combination, in my opinion. Don't you think? I remember loving banana with chocolate as a girl. Dip them, fondue style… so good!

Banana and Paleo Chocolate cake

Banana and Paleo Chocolate cake

It is true that I had already experienced a recipe for chocolate cake that was a banana, about a year ago. It was this healthy Chocolate cake and walnuts that it takes, too, almond flour and oatmeal. As you know, oats was partly in my feeding, so this time I used coconut flour and arrowroot flour. I started using this last flour and it was my best breakthroughs in recent times! This or tapioca flour (or flour), give an excellent texture to cakes and are a good choice, gluten-free and accepted as Paleo. The arrowroot flour, as I explained in the recipe for the Chocolate-topped carrot cake, comes from a tropical plant and has numerous health benefits. Already the tapioca flour or flour, comes from cassava, a tuber similar to sweet potato, an excellent source of energy. In fact, my nutritionist, Dr. André Matias, strongly advises cassava, so this flour is an excellent option:)

Bolo de Banana e Chocolate Paleo
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Bolo de Banana e Chocolate Paleo

Tempo Total 1 hour
Porções 8
Autor Anita Healthy


  • 2 bananas grandes maduras
  • 3 ovos
  • 3 c.sopa de mel
  • 55 g farinha de côco
  • 2 c.sopa farinha de araruta ou tapioca
  • 6 c.sopa de cacu cru em pó
  • 1 c.chá bicarbonato de sódio
  • 3 quadrados de chocolate 85% min partidos em pedaços


  1. Pré-aquecer o forno a 185ºC e forrar uma forma de bolo inglês com papel vegetal.
  2. Esmagar a banana com um garfo até ficar em puré. Misturar com os ovos e o mel, até ficar bem homogéneo.
  3. Numa taça, misturar a farinha de côco com a de aararuta e o cacau em pó. Acrescentar o bicarbonato de sódio.
  4. Adicionar a mistura das farinhas à dos ovos e banana e misturar bem.
  5. Adicionar 2/3 dos quadrados de chocolate partidos e e envolver.
  6. Deixar a mistura descansar cerca de 10 minutos.
  7. Colocar na forma e levar ao forno cerca de 45 minutos, até estar cozido. Pode colocar uma folha de papel alumínio por cima para não queimar.
  8. Retirar do forno e deixar arrefecer antes de fatiar.
  9. Está pronto a servir!

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