Healthy Breakfast Ideas for busy days

After my yesterday’s post talking about the changes in my diet, today I share some of my new healthy breakfast ideas for busy days! These are for those days when the mornings are super busy and time is short.

Healthy Breakfasts Ideas | Anita Healthy

As I explained in the previous post, my diet had some changes. Particularly in the morning! Now, those fancy breakfasts are for quieter days, the weekends and now I try to feed me with more natural food in the morning.

Can you guess what is the food that is always present? It is not difficult…it’s my dear eggs! ? I can not live without them for breakfast! When I started this change, I remember thinking that I would not be able to eat only this in the morning … I was so wrong! It’s true that I eat less carbohydrates in the morning. First, because I don’t workout next to it, then because for breakfast we should prefer to eat more protein and good fat. I do not like to identify me as any type of diet: paleo, low-carb, keto, etc. Besides not being an expert, I can identify myself with a healthy and functional diet. It is also true that I stopped consuming gluten, my intestines and my health are thankful for that ? But remember that each of us has the right to make any choices and, therefore, I will not stretch with scientific explanations about it.

Last month I have reduced the amount of carbohydrates (personal reasons) and I gave me a few pleasures, like cheese and bacon. They have protein and fat, less carbohydrates and snuggle my heart ♥ 

It is very important trying to eat quality food, organic if possible! The eggs I use are organic, as well as vegetables. They are also organic cheeses and charcuterie. My motto is to eat less but better quality!

Regarding the breakfast options, here are some ideas:

Fried eggs with Flaxseed, Chicken breast and Bimis

News for breakfast (do not be surprised!) – Dinner leftovers! Yes, protein leftover of the dinner is always welcome in the morning. Here was sautéed chicken breast with coconut oil the previous day’s dinner and added to my eggs. Still added vegetables left over, the bimis, and so add vitamins and fiber for breakfast. They are a kind of broccoli and, at the moment, are my favorite vegetable! They are crunchy, delicious! Only sautéed with a bit of olive oil. Summing up:

  • Fried eggs
  • Flaxseed brown
  • Chicken breast sautéed with coconut oil
  • Bimis

Scrambled eggs with onion and Flaxseed, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese and Arugula

Well, here you will ask: “but you eat Prosciutto??” From time to time, YES! The prosciutto is simply cured pork leg, it is not like other deli options. Its main problem is the salt and some preservatives that might take. I always try to choose the most natural possible, and with few amounts of salt! I found, even in a hypermarket a brand that has only 2.5g / 100g of salt. A small slice time to time it’s not bad for me. See with your nutrition if you can consume it!

The goat cheese slice is that little gift that I offer to me ? I loooove cheese! I try to choose from goat or sheep and with minimal lactose.

The arugula is natural, organic and gives a spicy flavor to breakfast!

Scrambled eggs with Tomato, buffalo Mozzarella and Arugula

I do not know if you can imagine this combination, but it is one of my favorites! I love eggs with tomato … Those are organic, the were very ripe and were wonderful with eggs. Simply cut into pieces, sauté with olive oil and, in the end, add the eggs. Seasoned with chopped parsley and you’re done!

Added buffalo mozzarella, is wonderful! And yet, arugula. I give myself very well with mozzarella, but beware of it, talk with your nutritionist.

Scrambled Eggs with cherry Tomatoes, Bacon and organic Feta cheese

Well, bacon … Yes, sometimes I eat it. Bacon is high in fat and, as I said, it’s a good option in in the morning, as a substitute of carbohydrates. Of course there are healthier options, but starting the day like this give me huge pleasure and energy. Furthermore, bacon contains thiamine, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12. I do not exaggerate in the quantity and I only use 2-3 times a month.

This time it was goat feta cheese, organic. The cherry tomatoes were lightly sautéed in the pan after the eggs. This blend of flavors is delicious in the morning?

These were some of my breakfast recently in the morning! They give me energy to face the day and be happy … They are simple, fast and delicious!!! Hope you enjoy them!

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