The importance of relaxing the mind and body to combat Stress

There's a phrase I don't get tired of saying over and over again: being healthy isn't just having a good feeding! And this is one of the main failures of many of us. I even! 

It is true that I have a fairly healthy diet, with the right foods for me, timetables and the like. But that's not enough for my body to work well. And I have the full notion that there is something I have a lot to improve: my anxiety. I'm naturally an anxious person. Stressed. I want to do everything at the same time. My head doesn't stop. I have a lot of difficulty to make pauses in my life. It is certainly one of my weaknesses. P-A-R-A-R. R-E-L-A-X-a-R.

And what happens is sometimes I burst. I get sick, I get tired, I get nervous. A few years ago, I had my first panic attack. I studied mathematics at IST (Higher Technical Institute), a fairly demanding course and I, being a perfectionist, I couldn't take all the pressure that I imposed on myself. Then one day, in our study room, I started to panic. I felt like I was having a heart attack and I went straight to the hospital's E.R., so I went ahead of everyone saying I was feeling really bad. And then the diagnosis was that I had a panic attack. What, what?! I didn't even know what that was. I used to practise yoga, meditate and read books on personal development. I couldn't understand how it was possible for me to be having an anxiety attack. But the truth is this: if we do not really apply certain actions in our lives, there is no use for us. We can read, we can know how to act, we can practise yoga and try to meditate. No real action, we're not going there. I have mentioned in this post that I regularly read books of Louise Hay, I love your approach. But I don't apply half of what she suggests to do: daily positive affirmations, pause the mind, practise breathing exercises. Well, at the time I read and read and remained the same person in practice. Today is different…

After this episode, many more happened. It was like this for a year, until I decided to go to a psychiatrist (who resisted until the last…). After psychotherapy and some medication, I got a lot better, and I can tell you I never had a seizure again. Nowadays I can control when I realise I'm getting extremely nervous. But the truth is, I still have moments when I get really anxious. I'm always a thousand. My life looks like a roller coaster.

For those who have known me a short time, I will make a summary of my days:

  1. I get up around the 6:45
  2. I start working around 8:00 a.m. (I am If, aka "Math of Insurance", work in an insurance company)
  3. Lunch-hour training
  4. I'll be home around 6:00.
  5. I set up the house, I'm back from the pots, I write on the blog, earring with the cat and keep my company to my more-than-everything.

This is my life. I want to do everything and something else. And I don't always do it. Perfectionist, that's what defines me most.

Well, returning to the theme of the post! The importance of relaxing the mind. With all this, it means I've learned to have more leisure moments. My body asked for a "enough" and I changed a few things in my life. I stopped wanting everything at the same time and I had a little more time for myself. And that includes weekends off, farther away from social networking and everything around me in the day-to-day. I stopped being pressed with a lot of things. I learned the relativize!

This last big weekend was just like that. I confess I was really reluctant to go out, for always having a lot to do. But I realized I needed it. My boyfriend and I really needed this. We then went to the interior of Portugal, in the area of the fund.

The first night was passed at the Design House fence, a beautiful hotel in a small, quiet village, the perfect place to relax. The hotel has a wonderful design, the super friendly staff, the Divine Breakfast. The room was very nice and romantic. No doubt, a place to come back!

The second night was spent in a tent! Yes, a tent:) But with "glamour", hence call it Natura Glamping. It's a tent that stays on top of the Serra da Gardunha. A view that has no explanation. A sense of peace and lightness when looking out there. I can't even explain it in words. Love, it's perhaps the word that best fits. There we feel peaceful and it's a very romantic place, too. Even alone I would like to be there, with my thoughts, doing an insight. So who's single don't think you can't travel like this! I love being alone and traveling alone. Who's with me complements me, just.

All I have to do is conclude that this weekend refilled my energies, made me calm the mind and relax the body as well. We all need these moments. No schedules, no routine, no chores to fulfill.

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