The best Paleo Chocolate cake

This is the best Paleo Chocolate cake, perfect for a healthier dessert! It contains no gluten or lactose and is made with natural ingredients. An excellent choice for this Christmas, delicious and with the best chocolate flavor!

Finally arrived the most anticipated month of the year! I love the month of December. Christmas, the meeting with the family, the good food and still the month of my birthday:) This year I make the famous 30 years… I think entering the 30 leaves that mark of "Now I'm an adult…" Ahahah is amazing how the years pass and I still feel like a girl:P

And to celebrate this December and Christmas, I wanted to try a different chocolate cake. As you have noticed by the latest posts, my food is evolving increasingly to the better. Most natural ingredients, "originals", Paleo. But I can't tell you that you can eat this cake at ease, because a cake is always a cake. Even with the best possible ingredients, it is still an option to eat in moderation. A Christmas option, for example! To replace other sweets filled with refined sugars and white flours. This is lactose-free and refined gluten free.

Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

But the real reason for this recipe is another! Unfortunately I still can't tell you the surprise I have for you… but I can tell you that the reason I imagined this cake was to use this beautiful cake dish from Pollux! How proud I am to be Ambassador of the brand Pollux, to use your beautiful dishes to die and be able to beautify my recipes with them… I'm lucky! 馃槢 (and you will also be lucky, but more I can't tell…)

I was fascinated by the texture of this Chocolate cake. Last year by Christmas I made a chocolate cake and walnuts (which takes protein, oatmeal, etc) but this one got much better. Maybe for the coverage, which takes coconut cream and got a coconut flavor, I personally adore it! But a slice of this can cater to chocolate cravings for more than a week, believe me! You know so much the chocolate, the typical chocolate cake, we have no idea it's made of natural ingredients.

This is going to be one of the recipes I'm going to replicate to my Christmas dinner. This year's home with the family, it's going to be so good to get everyone and be able to make a healthier Christmas. I know there will be children and the like, but if you can complement with more nutritious options, who will complain?? Eheh Besides, they won't even notice the difference:)

Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
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O melhor Bolo de Chocolate Paleo

Tempo Total 1 hour
Por莽玫es 8
Autor Anita Healthy


  • 4 ovos
  • 200 g de creme de c么co ou leite de c么co*
  • 1/4 ch谩vena de 贸leo de c么co
  • 3/4 ch谩vena de 谩gua morna
  • 1 c.sopa vinagre de sidra
  • 4 c.sopa cheias de mel ou xarope de c么co
  • 230 g am锚ndoa mo铆da farinha de am锚ndoa
  • 50 g farinha de c么co
  • 120 g farinha de araruta ou de tapioca
  • 1 ch谩vena de cacau puro em p贸
  • 3/4 ch谩vena de a莽煤car de c么co
  • 1 c.ch谩 de bicarbonato de s贸dio
  • 1 pitada de sal

Para a cobertura

  • 1 lata de creme de c么co deixada no frigor铆fico durante a noite**
  • 4 c.sopa de cacau puro em p贸
  • 2 c.sopa de mel ou xarope de c么co
  • *o creme de c么co s贸 deve ter como ingredientes o extrato de c么co 谩gua e, possivelmente, goma de guar.
  • **Aconselho o creme de c么co da marca Koala o 煤nica que conhe莽o com esses ingredientes e que realmente fica espesso no frigor铆fico. Outros leites de c么co poder茫o n茫o solidificar.


  1. Pr茅-aquecer o forno a 180潞 e forrar a base de uma forma de 20cm com papel vegetal. Untar os lados da forma com um pouco de 贸leo de c么co.
  2. Numa tigela, bater os ovos com os restantes ingredientes l铆quidos - o creme de c么co, o mel, o 贸leo de c么co, a 谩gua. Acrescentar o vinagre de sidra no final.
  3. 脌 parte, misturar as farinhas, o cacau, o a莽煤car de c么co e a pitada de sal.
  4. Juntar a mistura de ingredientes secos com o a mistura dos ovos, adicionar o bicarbonato de s贸dio e envolver tudo muito bem com uma esp谩tula.
  5. Colocar a massa na forma e levar ao forno durante cerca de 45 minutos, at茅 estar cozido. Pode colocar uma folha de alum铆nio por cima da forma, enquanto o bolo estiver no forno.

Para a cobertura

  1. Retirar a parte espessa do creme de c么co, deixando a 谩gua que se deposita por baixo para outros usos.
  2. Bater o creme com o cacau e o mel com uma batedeira el茅trica, at茅 ficar bem espesso.
  3. Barrar o bolo com o creme e, quando arrefecer, colocar no frigor铆fico cerca de 30 minutos.
  4. Pode servir com framboesas e creme de c么co, para uma mistura de sabores!

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