Parsnip "fries" with homemade Guacamole

Parsnip with guacamole

I've been dreaming about these fritos for a few days. Who doesn't miss a few crisps once in a while? Well.. But I avoid all the fries and potatoes too. And this is one of the best ways to overcome these desires, in a different and more nutritious way! And since I also love avocados, I've decided to venture into guacamole, which I haven't done in a long time.

So come on, what's this I did that looks like an authentic Gordice?? They're parsnip! The parsnip are a root of the carrot family, with a slightly more intense taste, and it is not easy to find in Portugal. I had seen several recipes on foreign blogs with these "parsnips" (name in English) but never found here. This week I went to the mainland of Telheiras and, in the area of organic products, they looked at me! Finally:) I found the parsnip and I could make the famous toothpicks style chips!

With some ripe avocados I had here by the House, it had the perfect combination: Parsnip + guacamole. I was dying to know what they tasted. Of course, I didn't fry them in a frying pan filled with oil, but I did it in the oven. With a little olive oil and spices, in 20 minutes they were ready! I. The consistency, the flavor. I'm not going to say it looks like chips, but it's a long shot:P

About the guacamole. As easy as putting all the ingredients in the Processor et rape! A guacamole made literally in 45 mon. I love to give it a very strong touch to the lime, so I carried the juice. But it's always to everyone's liking, of course.

It was my intention to follow up for dinner… but do you know what happened? He came home (he was going out to dinner) and we were chatting and snacking the parsnip.  When we found out… oops, there was no more. And I was so full that I just had to nibble some leftover chicken in the fridge and I stayed like this until I went to sleep. Result: It is one of the best options for healthy inputs for a dinner for two or with friends. And this guacamole was something special, that we ate by the spoonfuls:) To repeat over and over again, no doubt!

Parsnip with guacamole


Pastinaca com guacamole
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Pastinacas "Fritas" com Guacamole Caseiro

Categoria Side Dish
Tempo Prep 10 minutes
Tempo Coz. 20 minutes
Tempo Total 30 minutes
Porções 4


  • 350 g Pastinacas
  • 1 colher de sopa azeite
  • 1 colher de chá curcuma em pó
  • Especiarias (alecrim e salsa picada)

Para o Guacamole:

  • 2 abacates maduros
  • 1 punhado espinafres
  • 5 tomates cherries
  • 1 mão cheia coentros
  • 1/2 limão, espremido
  • Sal e pimenta a gosto


  1. Pré-aqueça o forno a 180º. Forre um tabuleiro de forno com papel vegetal.

  2. Numa tigela, misturar o azeite com a curcuma e as restantes especiarias. 

  3. Cortar as pastinacas em palitos e colocar numa taça. Misturar a mistura de azeite e misturar muito bem com os palitos.

  4. Colocar as pastinacas no tabuleiro de forno, uma a uma, sem se tocarem, para que possam tostar bem. Levar ao forno cerca de 20 minutos, virando-as a meio do tempo.

Para o Guacamole

  1. Colocar todos os ingredientes do guacamole num processador de alimentos. Triturar durante cerca de 45 segundos, até formar uma pasta. Pode ser necessário processar mais um pouco.

  2. Servir as pastinacas "fritas" com o guacamole.

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