Simple Banana Bread {Paleo, SG, SL}

This simple Banana bread is the perfect option for a healthy breakfast or snack. It is sweetened only with banana and is deliciously barred with almond butter or jam. A paleo, gluten-free, lactose-free option.

Healthy Banana Bread

These last few days have been a rush. The year is ending and the work begins to be more intense. And that should mean I'm more dedicated to the kitchen and the blog. But no, what happens is that I have less time for my favorite hobby but I keep dedicating myself to it. The conclusion is to walk KO. They say those who run for taste don't tire but I get tired. Being with your eyes on a computer all day, coming home and still shooting and editing photos, believe me people, it's crazy. And right now it's 11:00 and I'm still here.

That's to say I have great difficulty in stopping. In fact, I mentioned this in the post where I talk about the importance of relaxing. And I told you I want to do everything and anything at the same time. Always. But the truth is, I'm in need of a break… Holy Christmas you're almost here and you're going to make me take my eyes off a computer!

Okay, the outburst is over, so let's go to this bread. I ventured into this recipe for a different purpose: making healthy French toast, with good ingredients, gluten free, lactose free. Since bread is something that does not exist in my food, I decided to make my basic bread-a banana bread! I could have done something less sweet, but being the basis for French toast was the perfect option. You will soon be able to see this recipe… just wait one more day:)

Paleo Simple Banana Bread

I can tell you that once again this recipe is super basic! In addition to 1 2-in-1, this bread was completely approved. I imagine the weekends in the house, we get visitors and make this cake so simple to serve with a tea. I love these meetings between friends, by the way, I love getting people in the house. It's too bad we run around all the time, with 1001 chores to do and when we do… it's Sunday night.

Don't be surprised if you make this recipe your bread gets darker or different. That's because I used eggs from my grandmother's chickens and are much more yellow than normal. Even when I buy organic in the supermarket, they don't get this color. That doesn't mean your bread is burnt, it's really a matter of ingredients.

Paleo Simple Banana Bread

This bread is a real delight with almond butter, a real addiction (beware!). And to not devour it at once, keep in the fridge from the second day, it holds up well about a week (I just doubt it lasts that long! Eheh).

Ready to put your hand in the dough and cook a recipe as simple as this?

Paleo Simple Banana Bread

Pão de Banana Simples Paleo
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Pão de Banana Simples {Paleo, Sem Glúten, Sem Lactose}

Categoria Breakfast/Snack
Cozinha Glúten-Free, Paleo
Tempo Prep 10 minutes
Tempo Coz. 1 hour
Tempo Total 1 hour 10 minutes
Porções 8
Autor Anita


  • 2 bananas maduras grandes
  • 3 ovos
  • 2 c.sopa óleo de côco
  • 100 ml leite de côco ou bebida de amêndoa
  • 65 g farinha de amêndoa
  • 45 g farinha de côco
  • 60 g farinha de mandioca
  • 1 c.chá canela
  • 1/2 c.chá gengibre
  • 1 c.chá bicarbonato de sódio


  1. Pré-aqueça o forno a 180º. Forre uma forma de bolo inglês com papel vegetal.

  2. Esmague a banana com um garfo e coloque numa tigela. Acrescente os ovos, o leite e o óleo de côco e misture bem até ficar uma mistura homogénea.

  3. À parte, misture as farinhas, a canela, o gengibre e o bicarbonato de sódio.

  4. Adicione esta mistura à mistura dos ovos, envolvendo com uma espátula cuidadosamente, sem que fique demasiado batida.

  5. Coloque a massa na forma e leve ao forno cerca de 55 - 60 minutos, até começar a dourar por cima. Espete com um palito para verificar se já está cozinhado.

  6. Retire do forno, desenforme e deixe arrefecer antes de cortar em fatias. Sirva com manteiga de amêndoa, compota ou com o que mais gostar!

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